Sunday, January 6, 2013

Star Language

This is another channelled message that I received this morning

An ancient star language is being transmitted to light workers and others that originate from the stars. You will not be able to read these languages with your human incarnation minds, but your energies are born from the stars, so will know its true meaning. We are being given instructions on how to raise our energies to stay in tune with that of the planet's during this period of great energy shifts. Many of these transmissions will occur during dream time and will be stored in the sub conscious mind. The more sensitive of you will receive these during waking times, and we urge you to share this with as many as possible, it will only resonate with those for whom it is meant. And will help them in their journey a great deal.

Note: I wasn't until just now when I typed in 'star language' to google to see if there were any images to add to the post and found that there is plenty out there to start you on your quest.  Please have a look and see what speaks to your heart and soul. I know I will :)

Images from Google Images 

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