Monday, July 1, 2013

Crystal Speak 1st June to 7th June 2013

A warm welcome back to Crystal Speak, and to a new month.  I hope that you all had a good week and are looking forward to another week of growth and discovery.

I have drawn a stone for the beginning of the week (Monday, Tuesday), the middle (Wednesday, Thursday) and for the end of the week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).  As always please feel free to comment below.  I hope you enjoy this weeks reading.

To start the week we have Hawk's Eye, also known as Blue Tiger's Eye.  Hawk's Eye teaches us to take responsibility for our lives and the situations and challenges that occur.  Blaming others for our problems gives away our power, and therefore we lock ourselves in a negative circle and can see no way out.  Hawk's Eye gives us the strength and courage to take back that power and move forward with positivity and love in our souls.  For overcoming a challenging situation, to which before you saw no way out, is a massive achievement.  Hawk's Eye says to claim what is rightfully yours, take responsibilty for you life and make a positive future for yourself.

For the middle of the week Chrysoprase has come in to fill you with the vibrations and love from the Angelic realms.  With its uplifting and vibrant energies Chrysoprase cannot help but fill you with joy, hope and unconditional love.  Chrysoprase is here to remind us that should we want to call on the aid of the Angels, that they will be there to help and support us in whichever way will serve us for the highest good.  Look for signs that they are here for you, a feather, a ray of sunshine through thick cloud, even a beautiful view that makes you  stop and take note.  The signs are endless, but you will feel the unconditional love in your heart.  Let the angels and Chrysoprase give you upliftment and love, and know that you can call on this whenever you feel the need.

Bringing in its energies for the end of the week, Rutilated Quartz contains within its structure strands that are said to look like angel hair or a cosmic light in physical form.  This gives Rutilated Quartz a truly mystical quality and vibration that we can use to raise our own energies.  Rutilated Quartz will lead you its energy helping you to experience the galaxies within your own body and cells or at the edges of the universe and other dimensions.  In turn this shows us that time is relative and that things will happen and develop at the right time.  Use this cosmic light and divine vibration to lift you and break down barriers to your spiritual progress.

To sum up this week, we can begin to take back the personal power we have lost in blaming others for situations that are not serving our highest good at this time.  Once we claim responsibility  we can then start to make a plan on how we ourselves can make positive actions to turn our lives in the direction that we have always wanted it to take.  This kind of realization takes courage, so let the energies of Hawk's Eye guide you.  You are also guided this week to call on the Angelic realm for help and guidance.  Chrysoprase is reminding us that the Angels help can be called upon at any time and will be given unconditionally.  This is repeated in the energies that Rutilated Quartz have brought to the end of the week.  Asking that we remember that wheels are turning and that situations will take form when the time is right for all involved.  We can encourage positive outcomes, with positive thought forms.  In the realms of abundance there is no such thing as time, so therefore we are already abundant.

I hope that you have enjoyed this weeks Crystal Speak, and I look forward to connecting with you all again next week.

Crystal Blessings


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