Friday, June 7, 2013

Healing with a Crystal Pendulum

I would just like to take some time to talk about healing with a Pendulum.  I will go through a basic method of balancing the Chakras for your friends and family.  The topic of Pendulums and dowsing is very vast and I could quite easily waffle on for pages and pages about the why's and wherefores of it all, but I'll try to keep it as simple and easy to follow as I can.  We can always have a discussion in the comments below :)

How do Pendulums work?
Well the truth is nobody really knows!  There are many theories out there.  Some quite logical, some bizarre.  One of the theories is that it works by picking up on radio like waves and vibrations.  Another is that it is a link between the logical and intuitive parts of the brain.  Another theory on the same lines, is that the pendulum is caused to move by tiny movements in the muscles that you are unaware of, working in a similar way to muscle testing or Kinesiology.
Whatever is behind the mystery of how pendulums, and indeed dowsing in general, works.  It still does just that... Works.  Although working with a pendulum does take practice and focus, it is a fun and useful skill that anyone can learn. 
Even Albert Einstein used dowsing!  Other scientists that used dowsing includes Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison and Leonardo Da Vinci.
"I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as a type of ancient superstition.  According to my conviction this is, however, unjustified.  The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time."- Albert Einstein

That's great but how can they heal?
I feel that the pendulum works on a level which incorporates the subconscious or higher self as well as vibrations that work on higher levels.  This level goes by many names and it really depends on your beliefs, it is the vibrations of the Angelic realms, the Elementals, the Source, the One, Great Spirit, God. 
I feel that the pendulum works in healing by amplifying and channeling these energies for our use.  Bringing the parts of our bodies, subtle bodies and chakras back to their true vibrational rate.  We use our thoughts and intentions to focus these vibrations and energies.  After all thought has its own measurable vibrations.  How often on a bad day when your thoughts are of a low and negative vibration, does everything just seem to go wrong.  It's because like attracts like.  On a good day however, things may still good wrong but if you are giving out positive energies, solutions seem to appear from nowhere and you cope much better with the challenge.
Therefore by channeling these positive energies we can work with them, and amplify them, to re-tune the vibrations of the subtle bodies and Chakras.

The Chakra Balancing Technique

Firstly ensure that your pendulum and yourself are cleansed, centred and grounded.  You can do this by simply imagining a golden white light filling your body and through out into your aura.  Take some time to really visualise it, breathe it, feel it.  Know that you a cleansed and filled with Love and pure intentions.  Now do the same with the pendulum, really feel the light pouring into and radiating out from it.  Then begin to imagine white roots appearing from the soles of your feet, going down into the Earth.  This will ground and centre you.  Feel the Earth energies flowing up through your body.
You are now ready to begin.  Feel free to play some relaxing music if you wish.
the person who is receiving the healing can lay down on their back.  This can be on a healing couch,  sofa, bed or even the floor.  Make sure that they are comfortable using pillows and blankets.  Once they are comfortable, let them close their eyes and relax.
Take your pendulum in your dominant hand or whichever hand feels more comfortable.  Hold the end of the chain between your thumb and forefinger, so that it can swing freely.
From below the soles of the feet, draw a line up through the body, past the top of the head, along the centre of the body, with the pendulum.  This will allow you to access the Chakras.  You do not need to touch the body at any time, you are purely working within the Auric Field.
Now start with the pendulum over the Base or Root Chakra.  Just allow yourself and the pendulum to become a channel for love and healing energies.
You will begin to notice the pendulum moving.  Do not worry about the direction or patterns that it is moving in.  It is displaying the flow of energy.  It may change directions many times during the healing.  the important thing is to allow it to work.  Even if the pendulum swings with small movements, the healing energies are just as powerful.  trust that it is working and that you are a channel of pure Light and Love.
The Chakra will be clear and balanced when the pendulum comes to a complete stop.
You then simply move the pendulum to the next Chakra, the Sacral, and repeat the process.  Continue this way up through all seven of the main Chakras.
Once you have cleared and balanced the Chakras, it is very important to close the Aura back up.  To do this you do the reverse of what you did to gain access to the Chakras.  You simply hold the pendulum above the head and draw a line down through the Aura past the soles of the feet.
Now you can gently tell the person receiving the healing that you are done, and give them time to sit up and have a drink of water to help ground them.
now again, as at the start, imagine your body and Aura flooded with golden white light and energy.  Clearing you of anything that up may have picked up subconsciously during the healing process.
Finally, now is the perfect time for a cuppa, a slice of cake and a good chat about your experiences.

I hope that you have found this basic Chakra healing technique, helpful, interesting and enjoyable.  I did love to hear of your experiences. 

Crystal Blessings


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