Sunday, June 16, 2013

Crystal Speak 17th June to 23rd June 2013

Welcome back to Crystal speak, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful week and are looking forward to a fresh new week ahead.

I have drawn a stone for the beginning (Monday, Tuesday), the middle (Wednesday, Thursday) and end of the week (Friday through to Sunday).  Hope you enjoy the reading.  Please feel free to share or comment below.

For Monday - Tuesday this  week we have Red Tigers Eye.  This stone is here this week to help us to release those feelings of being 'stuck in a rut' or 'going round in circles'.  Red Tigers Eyes allows us to open up and view things from the perspective of the whole.  Motivating us to begin to take actions that will let the energies in our lives start to flow again.  This new movement will begin to bring fresh energies and flow into your life in whichever form will serve your higher purpose.  This may be in the form of money, a new friend, job or hobby.  They are all energies moving within the great flow of life helping us to progress and move forward.  Use the energy of Red Tigers Eye to help you to see these opportunities and take positive actions.

For the middle of the week, Howite leads us its calming energies.  Howite is asking that we let go of our anger.  With its calming vibration we can begin to still the mind and see the positive resolutions to the situations in our lives that bring our anger to the surface.  We are reminded that when we feed a negative situation or person with anger there can be no positive outcome. However, if we enter it with love and light in our hearts we can dissolve and transform this energy.  Anger is a low level energy and can not serve you.  In order to bring light into your life, allow the vibration of Howite to guide you, calm you and bring in positivity. 

And for the final element of this week we have Moonstone.  Moonstone reminds us that everything works within cycles.  The waxing and waning of the moon, the seasons, the tides, even day and night.   Bringing us balance to our male and female energies leading to a wholeness of the self.  And as with cycles, we have new beginnings   Moonstone is inspiring us us to take on new ventures, new projects.  With the Moonstone by your side calming the emotions and clearing the mind, making moving forward and experiencing new beginnings a natural and enjoyable experience.

To sum up this week, we first have Red Tigers Eye helping to motivate us and bring in new energy flow, getting out of the rut we have found ourselves in lately.  New opportunities will then being to present themselves and we will be of a mind set where we can grab them with both hands.  This new movement will resurface some old emotions that will need to be resolved  and we are offered the energies of Howite to enable us to do so in a positive way.  And with the release of these feelings and emotions that no longer serve us we bring in a new cycle, a new season, into our lives.  We can use the vibrations of Moonstone to start a fresh new journey and begin a cycle anew, with open eyes and love in our hearts.

Now there's an inspiring week ahead!  I hope that you enjoy my readings as much I love to write them.  Working with crystal energies is an everyday part of my life and I am blessed that you are a part of it and can share it with me.  I hope you enjoy your week and look forward to next weeks Crystal Speak.

Crystal Blessings


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