Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Healing with a Crystal Wand

After writing about healing using a pendulum I thought that for my next post I would show you a simple technique for healing using a crystal wand. But first I'll give you a little bit of background into crystal wands and what they do for us in healing.

Well, there are many different types of crystal wands out there, the only limit is the imagination.  You can even make your own, if you are of a crafty nature and want something that is one of a kind and has your own energies and intentions imprinted into it.  There are wands that are cut and shaped Crystal and they can range in size, shape and the type of crystal or stone used.  There are also some that are made with many crystals combined with either wood or metals like copper, silver or even gold.  Copper is a great conductor of energy and also wood brings in its own natural earth energies.  In this post are photos of the wands I have collected and made over the years.  I only have a few as I like to have a special connection with my energy tools.  However, you may be different
and enjoy having many types to choose from, depending on your mood or its use.  You will see that I have a wooden wand that I made myself when I was in my teens.  A wand with copper which has Quartz at each end and also a Fluorite wand.  My newest addition is the Selenite wand that I recently picked up at a mind, body and soul fayre.  It has a small chip in the tip of the wand, but the energies I got from it when I picked it up were incredible  so home with me it came, and it is fantastic for working with to clear energies in the home and to bring in the divine light.  But maybe that's another post?

Crystal wands are used to amplify energies.  This can be implemented in a number of ways.  You can use them to remove energy blockages in the aura and chakras, remove stagnant energies in the home and also to replace and build up positive energies of love, light and healing.  If you have a crystal wand with a rounded end, such as my Fluorite or Selenite wands, you can use them with massage or baby oil for a fantastic crystal massage.  Now who wouldn't love that?!

Firstly it is important to ensure that you and your wand are cleansed, centred and grounded you can do this as I have explained it in Healing with a Crystal Pendulum.  I have found that it works well, is simple to remember and quick to do.  Begin by imagining a golden white light filling your body and through out into your aura.  Take some time to really visualise it, breathe it, feel it.  Know that you a cleansed and filled with Love and pure intentions.  Now do the same with the wand, really feel the light pouring into and radiating out from it.  Then begin to imagine white roots appearing from the soles of your feet, going down into the Earth.  This will ground and centre you.  Feel the Earth energies flowing up through your body.  You are now ready to start the healing.  
This Crystal Wand technique is also known as Crystal Reflexology, working on either the hands or the feet.  It uses the point of a crystal wand to gently place a web of light around the foot.
The person who is receiving the healing can either lay down or sit with their feet up.  You also will find it more comfortable to be sat in a chair.

Starting at the base of the foot, gently press the point of the wand onto the sole, lift and move slightly across the sole of the foot.  This should be done with tiny movements and a very little pressure, as you do not want to cause pain.  As you slowly work your way across the foot, take note of any small movements of the foot, these are caused by blockages.  When you spot these movements, hold the wand in that area imagining healing light being directed into the spot where you felt the blockage.  Do this until you feel that the blockage has been cleared and then continue to move on. Alternatively you can make small anti-clockwise circles over the area until the blockage is clear and then clockwise circles until you feel ready to move on.  Do what feels right to you.
Continue this process working your way up the foot, finishing with the toes.  Then using the side of the wand, without touching the foot wipe over the sole from top to bottom three times.  This is to seal in the healing and light.  Repeat then on the next foot.
Once the healing is finished, make sure that the recipient has a drink of water to ground them and you also carry out the cleansing, centring and grounding as you did at the beginning to clear any energies that you may have subconsciously picked up during the healing.


This treatment can be carried out on either the hands or the feet. I have gone through the healing process on the feet, but it is the same technique on the hands, starting where the hands join the wrists and working across the hands to the tips of the fingers.  This gentle healing technique is excellent for people that find traditional reflexology is too painful.

As a useful reference, below is a link for some free printable Reflexology Charts.  It can be interesting for you and the person who has received the healing to see the areas in which you found blockages.
Click Here for Reflexology Charts

Of course as with all treatments with friends or family,  what better way to talk over your experiences, than with a cuppa and a slice of cake?!

I hope that you enjoy reading about and also experiencing just a small example of healing with a crystal wand.  I would love to hear your feedback, comments and experiences.  Also if you have any techniques you wish to share, I and the readers would love to read about them.

Crystal Blessings


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