Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crystal Speak 10th June to 16th June 2013

A warm welcome back to Crystal Speak, I hope you have had an uplifting week.

I have drawn a stone for the beginning (Monday, Tuesday), the middle (Wednesday, Thursday) and end of the week (Friday through to Sunday).  Hope you enjoy the reading.  Please feel free to comment and share below.

Our first crystal this week is Herkimer Diamond.  And it is bringing with it the gift of light and clarity of vision.  Flooding you with a light that will not only open you to higher awareness, but also give you a clarity within your environment and the magic and wonder in things that are everyday and usually go unnoticed.  Herkimer Diamond is asking you to take notice of those small, subtle signs from the spiritual, angelic and elemental realms.  They are offering you guidance and Herkimer Diamond will aid you in seeing these messages of love.

For the middle of the week we have Blue Lace Agate.  This crystal is asking us to get things off our chest and not to suppress these emotions.  When we bottle things up, these emotions can break free and cause more harm than if they are dealt with in a controlled and calm manner.  Blue Lace Agate is here to lend its energies for you to take a cool and calm approach to releasing the thoughts, fears and emotions that you have been pushing to the back of your mind, in the hope that they will just go away.

And for the end of the week, Malachite brings us the energies of self reflection.  Within its appearance are many ripples and patterns that draw you in, relaxing the eyes and mind.  Let this state of mind allow you to look within, to see what may be holding you back.  Malachite teaches us that everyone has layers and barriers, and once these have been realised, gives us the guidance to claim back our power.

What a fantastic week ahead!  To sum it up, we are firstly going to be flooded with light and clarity.  With this new sight we are able to see that help and guidance is all around us, we just need to take time to see the little things.  We will then be able to use this in helping us to unblock negative thoughts and emotions that have been building up so that it can not have a negative impact on our lives, because we have dealt with with it in a positive way.  This then clears a path for us to focus within and claim back our power over barriers that we have put up as a result of those unexpressed emotions. What beautiful and inspiring crystals we have this week giving us upliftment, love and light.

Hope you all have a fantastic week.

Crystal Blessings


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