Monday, June 24, 2013

Crystal Speak 24th June to 30th June 2013

Welcome back to Crystal Speak, I hope that you have been enjoying my past readings and I always love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so please continue to get in touch.  I'm sure you're all feeling the shift in energies from the Summer Solstice and the Super Moon.  Please try and take things easy if you get affected by these events, take time to go within and gain inner knowledge and wisdom.

As always I have drawn a stone for the beginning (Monday, Tuesday), the middle (Wednesday, Thursday) and end of the week (Friday through to Sunday).  Hope you enjoy the reading.  Please feel free to comment and share below.

The first stone for this week is Red Jasper.  Red Jasper is a stone of action.  It asks that we don't procrastinate and allow situations to degrade through neglect.  This can be a relationship issue or even the mess in the kitchen that you have been putting off.  With the new cycles beginning from the Solstice and the Super Moon, now is the time to take the bull by the horns.  Red Jasper will help to guide you in taking these positive actions, like a parent guiding a child, it teaches with experience and wisdom.  Red Jasper will share this knowledge with you, aid you in overcoming these obstacles.  Red Jasper understands that although it may seem to others that you have a trivial issue that you have been avoiding, in your heart it is a main challenge in your life at this time.  But don't fear, you can do this.

For mid-week, Amethyst brings in its energies of transformation.  Breaking free and letting go of old habits, thoughts, addictions and obsessions that have been having a negative effect on our lives.  With this release of these negative energies, Amethyst raises your vibrations, allowing access to the higher guidance within our souls.  Amethyst has a calming nature which promotes relaxation, and with its spiritual vibrations, gives us deeper meditations which have a wonderfully cosmic element to the experience.  Amethyst teaches us that we can begin new healthy habits, such as meditation, which in turn will be the building blocks and support to breaking those bad habits, such as negative thoughts.  

And finally Opal brings in a pure expression of karmic flow.  Opal has an absorbent and reflective nature, picking up on energies, amplifying them, before returning them to the source.  Teaching us that what you put out, will come back to you.  Opal will be able to show you characteristics and traits that may need to be transformed, by bring them to the surface and to your attention.  This will help you to fully understand how you come across to others.  You are then in a position to take action on this knowledge and start a more positive thought process about things which you may not have noticed as being a negative influence on your life previously.

So as a sum up of this week, we first have Red Jasper that is asking that we stop procrastinating and take action.  This way we can begin to see progress on our dreams and desires, we need to get that energy flowing.  Then Amethyst comes in helping us to break free of those things that have been holding us back.  We are starting a new cycle and it is time to let go.  And with letting go Opal shows us a reflection of ourselves,  and reminds us that what we give, we receive.  This is the physical manifestation of thought at work.  Fill your thoughts with positive images of what you desire in your life, feel them, smell them, touch them, hear them, believe and trust them.  Then watch as the universe brings it to the physical plain for you.  The universe is abundant and so are you.  

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Crystal Speak, please have a look at some of my other posts and as always please do comment or get in touch.

Crystal Blessings


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