Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Manifesting with Crystals

I thought I would write a post on manifesting using crystals.  As you may be aware there is oodles of information out there on Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering.  But as you may have guessed by now Crystals are my natural medium.  So I have been trying a few things out lately with using a Quartz Crystal and Crystal Grids for manifesting in my life.  And I wanted to share it with you, so that you can also benefit from the information that I have been guided to.

I will give a basic overview of the principles of manifestation as they seem to be consistently repeated throughout everything I have read on the subject.

What are your desires?  What do you want to manifest into your life?  These are your intentions, your dreams, your goals.  They can be in the form of a new career or opportunities, abundance,  better health or more love and happiness.

The universe then hears your thought forms, hears your feelings and emotions.  These are forms of energy.  So as you really feel what you desire, think about it, talk about it.  You are putting that energy out there.  When the universe receives these energies, it then holds a potential for manifesting.

Then next step is to keep the energy flowing.  When you align yourself to the fact that your desires are being met, you allow them to take form in your life.  You allow this to happen by being open and receptive to opportunities that will bring your goals and desires to you.

One way in which you can use crystals as an aid for manifesting, is Crystal Grids.  Crystal Grids work by allowing you to 'tap into' the morphic field, a web of energy that surrounds the Earth.  This allows us to essentially use this web as a telephone line to send out our intentions to the Source Energy or Universe.

You can set your own Crystal Grid quite simply.  All you need is a large centre crystal (a large Quartz point that stands is excellent), some smaller stones to place around the centre in a circle or grid formation and a crystal wand or smaller point that you can hold to activate your grid.  Also another great addition is the use of Sacred Geometry to set your grid on.  Sacred Geometry is a Universal Language and has an energy of its own.  You can tap into this simply by printing a Sacred Geometry pattern off the internet.  A great one to start with is the Flower of Life.  

To create your grid, you first need to cleanse your crystals.  There are a number of ways to do this.  You can hold the crystal and imagine white light filling it, use a pendulum to request that the crystal be cleansed and hold it over the crystal until all the movement has stopped or by using sound, such as a singing bowl.  Whichever your personal preference is, go with that.  Let your heart guide you.
Crystal Grid for manifesting Self-Love and Balance - Rose Quartz Centre Stone, Fluorite and Rose Quartz 
Now with your Sacred Geometry print out in front of you.  Start to arrange your grid.  Place the large crystal in the centre and then begin to place to other crystals around the centre.  Whilst you are doing this it is very important to keep your intentions in your mind.  You are affirming to the crystals going into the grid what your you desires and goals are.  This can be for a new career, a boost to your business  more energy or healing and self love for yourself or others.  the possibilities are limitless.  The trick is to really feel your desire.  Do not put out the thought that you NEED better health, NEED more abundance or NEED that dream job.  As all you will be creating is that NEED and you will be continue to NEED it.  You have to feel that you already have it, what is that feeling like?  Feel it in your solar plexus, let it give you the butterflies of excitement.  Feel it in your heart and throughout your body and soul.  Know that this is yours as you can feel it and experience the joy already.
Crystal Grid to Manifest Stronger Communication - Clear Quartz Point Centre Stone, Turquoise and Sodalite 

Next you will need to activate your grid.  For this you need to hold you wand or point in your dominate hand and 'draw the grid'.  You do not need to touch the crystals, you are working on and energy level.  Begin at the centre and 'draw a line' from that centre stone to one of the outer circle stone, without removing the point, link this crystal with the on next to it, then link it back to the centre.  then come back out to the second crystal, link it to the crystal next to it and return to the centre.  Repeat this until you have linked all of the crystals in the grid.  Your Grid is now active and can be left in place for as long as it is needed.
Crystal Grid to Bring in more Creative Energy - Clear Quartz Centre Stone, Tigers Eye and Citrine

You can use any crystals you like for you grid, depending or your intended outcome.  Citrine and Aventurine are excellent for abundance.  Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Fluorite are good for a gentle healing aiding to release bad habits and bring in balance.  Carnelian is awesome for an energy boost.  But the thing to remember, is that intention is everything.  If you only have a limited selection of crystals, still use them.  The energy you put into your grid through thought will be amplified by the crystals and the grid itself.

This is just a basic overview of crystal grids.  I hope it has sparked an interest to find out more.  If you would like more info, or to see a video of a crystal grid being made and activated and excellent video for this by Hibiscus Moon.  She has her own YouTube channel here.  Also she has written an excellent book on Crystal Grids and how they work, for more info and some free templates for your grids go to

Another, more simple way to use crystals in manifesting, is with a Quartz Crystal.  Again as with the grid, cleanse the crystal in your preferred way.  Now just sit quietly whilst holding the crystal in your hands.  Now begin to affirm your intentions, goals or desires to the crystal.  As with the grid you really have to feel your desire, feel the outcome of your goal.  Picture in your mind what it will look like, smell like, feel like, sound like.  Use all of your senses to experience what it is you are manifesting.  Again, be sure not to feel that NEED for something, you already have what you wish to manifest, you are just calling it into your physical life.  Sit like this for a few minutes, or longer if you like.  And that is all you have to do.  Keep your Crystal with you, in a little pouch or piece of cloth for protection.  Carry it in your pocket or bag.  The thing to remember with this method is to 'link into' your crystal as often as you like.  Every time you hold, or even remember your crystal, feel what you put into it.  Feel the emotions and feelings of your intended goals realised.  Experience this.  This will bring you inline with your intentions and goals and will help the universe or source energy to manifest them into the physical.  
This is a simple and effective method of using a crystal for manifesting, I have used it many times and with wonderful and sometimes very quick results.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and I would love to hear your experiences of using crystals for manifesting.  Especially if you have a method of your own which you would like to share.  That's the great thing about Crystals, you are always learning and there is always something to share.

Crystal Blessings


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