Friday, May 24, 2013

Toxic Crystal & Mineral Reference

As beautiful and wonderful as crystals are for their healing properties and the many ways that they can heal and improve our lives, there are times when we need to use caution while using them. As a general rule, any crystal or mineral that contains a metal is potentially toxic as this can leach out into the water that you are using to make your crystal water or gem elixirs/essences.  The tumbled and polished stones are said to be safer, but it is always best to be on the side of caution and use an indirect method.  

This by no means a complete list and I am always looking to keep it as up to date as I can.  I have collected this information from various books and internet sources.  I am more than happy for this list to be used and shared, as it is for the benefit of all.  I am not a geologist, mineralogist or a medical physician, so please always check your crystal is safe to use.

Actinolite---Can occur a type of Asbestos
Adamite---Contains Arsenic and Copper
Ajoite---Contains Aluminium and Copper
Alexandrite---Contains Aluminium
Amazonite---Contains Copper
Amblygonite---Contains Aluminium
Andalusite (Chiastolite)---Contains Aluminium
Angelsite---Contains Lead
Atacamite---Contains Copper
Auricalcite---Contains Zinc and Copper
Axinite---Contains Aluminium
Azurite---Contains Copper
Barite/Baryte---Contains Aluminium
Bastnaesite---Contains Cerium
Beryl Family---All contain Aluminium
•             Aquamarine
•             Bixbite
•             Emerald
•             Goshenite
•             Heliodor
•             Morganite          
Black Tourmaline---Contains Aluminium
Boji-Stones---Contains Sulphur, Pyrite and/or Marcasite
·         moqui Balls
·         Shaman Stone
·         Shamanic Star Stone      
Bornite (Peacock Ore)---Contains Copper and Sulphur
Brazilianite---Contains Aluminium
Bronchantite---Contains Copper
Cavansite---Contains Vanadium and Copper
Celestite---Contains Strontium
Cerrusite---Contains Lead
Chalcanthite---Contains Copper
Chalcopyrite---Contains Copper and Sulphur
Chrysoberyl---Contains Aluminium
Chrysocolla---Contains Copper
Chrysotile (Serpentine)---Most common form of Asbestos
Cinnabar---Contains toxic levels of Mercury
Cobaltocalcite---Contains Cobalt
Conicalcite---Contains Copper
Copper---Copper - Poisonous
Coral---May contain Bacteria
Corundum Family---Contains Aluminium
•             Ruby
•             Sapphire             
Covellite---Contains Copper and Sulphur
Creedite---Contains Aluminium
Crocidolite (Riebecktite)---Hazardous form of Asbestos
Crocoite---Contains Chromium
Cuprite---Contains Copper
Dioptase---Contains Copper
Dumortierite---Contains Aluminium
Emerald---Contains Aluminium
Epidote---Contains Aluminium
Feldspar Family---All contain Aluminium
•             Albite Moonstone
•             Amazonite
•             Labradorite
•             Ortholase Moonstone
•             Sunstone            
Galena---Contains Lead
Garnet Family---All contain Aluminium
•             Almandine
•             Andradite
•             Grossular
•             Hessonite
•             Pyrope
•             Spessartine
•             Uvarovite           
Garnierrite (Falcondoite)---Contains Copper
Gem Silica---Contains Copper
Hematite---Will Rust, but not Toxic
Iolite---Contains Aluminium
Jadeite---Contains Aluminium
Kunzite---Contains Aluminium
Kyanite---Contains Aluminium
Lapis Lazuli---Contains Pyrite, Aluminium and Sulphur
Lazulite---Contains Aluminium
Lazurite---Contains Aluminium and Sulphur
Lepidolite---Contains Aluminium
Magnetite(Lodestone)---Will Rust, but not Toxic
Malachite---Contains Copper
Marcasite---Contains Sulphur
Mica Family---All contain Aluminium
•             Fuchsite
•             Lepidolite
•             Muscovite          
Mimetite---Contains Lead and Arsenic
Mohawkite---Contains Copper, Arsenic and Sulphur
Moldavite---Contains Aluminium Oxide
Moonstone---Contains Aluminium
Morganite---Contains Aluminium
Orpiment---Contains Arsenic
Pietersite---Raw form contains Asbestos
Prehnite---Contains Aluminium
Proustite---Contains Arsenic
Psilomelane---Contains Barium
Pyrite---Contains Sulphur
Quantum Quattro---Contains Copper
Realgar / Pararealgar---Contains Arsenic and Sulphur
Ruby---Contains Aluminium
Sapphire---Contains Aluminium
Scapolite---Contains Aluminium
Selenite---Not Toxic, but tiny shards may break of in water
Seraphinite---Contains Aluminium
Serpentine---Raw form contains Asbestos
Shattuckite---Contains Copper
Smithsonite---Contains Zinc and Copper
Sodalite---Contains Aluminium
Spinel---Contains Aluminium and Zinc
Spodumene Family---Contains Aluminium
•             Hiddenite
•             Kunzite
Staurolite---Contains Aluminium
Stibnite---Contains Lead and Antimony
Stilbite---Contains Aluminium
Sugilite---Contains Aluminium
Sulphur---Sulphur - Poisonous
Sunstone---Contains Aluminium
Tanzanite---Contains Aluminium
Tiger's Eye---Raw form contains Asbestos
Topaz Family---All contain Aluminium
•             Blue
•             Champagne
•             Imperial              
Tourmaline Family---All contain Aluminium
•             Dravite
•             Elbaite
•             Indicolite
•             Rubellite
•             Schorl
•             Siberite
•             Watermelon     
Tremolite---Contains Asbestos
Turquoise---Contains Copper
Vanadinite---Contains Lead and Vanadium
Variscite---Contains Aluminium
Vesuvianite---Contains Aluminium
Wavellite---Contains Aluminium
Wulfenite---Contains Lead and Molybdenum
Zincite---Contains Zinc
Zircon---Contains trace amounts of Radioactive Hafnium, Uranium and Thorium
Zoisite---Contains Aluminium

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