Thursday, December 13, 2012

Animal Totems

Today I've been out trying to finish off the Christmas shopping.  What has that got to do with Animal Totems? You may ask.  Well, whilst driving to the various locations needed to complete the epic task that this time of year requires from us all, I spotted 3 Buzzards, all of which were sat on the hedge, at the side of the road I was driving along and all looking at me as I passed.  After the second Buzzard sighting I called out and asked 'OK... So if this really is a message I should take notice of, show me another Buzzard.'  And within 5 minutes I saw another!  Sometimes it never hurts to ask :) So I thought I'd share a excellent resource that I often go to for Animal Totem info.  So if you ever find yourself spotting the same animal, bird or insect.  Look it up, they be trying to tell you something you need to take note of.  And in saying that I have also seen a Buzzard both in my back garden and sat opposite the front of my house within the last week...

Animal Totems by
Images from Google Images

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